Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alternative Lifestyles

We went on a vacation with another couple this weekend to Breckenridge, CO. As part of our ubber-touristy trip, we white-water rafted, rode a gondola to the top of a mountain, hiked and ziplined (is that a word?).  Pretending to be adventurous for a few days sure was fun! 

All the fun prompted Matt to ask the group a question: If we lived only 3 hours away (instead of 8+), do you think we would come all the time?

We took the conversation in a direction that had us all living in side-by-side plots in small town Colorado. We "dreamed" of possible careers for ourselves whenv we moved. Kristie was going to find a teaching job in the district, I was to purchasae the for-sale cupcake shop on Main Street, Matt was going to be a dealer (demand is HIGH out there for stuff to get high it seems) and Ross was going to win the state lottery. Because the entire plan somewhat hinges on one of us in fact winning the lottery to fund our future move, in reality, not going to happen. Not only can we not afford a home on Lake Dillon, but we seemed to learn this weekend that not only are we amazingly sycronized paddlers, but that we also just don't fit in in CO. Actually, us girls were even called "yuppies" by two locals (named Steve & Abram, mind you). They sited our hair and bags as evidence (we had washed and brushed our hair and our bags were not made of hemp, so...I guess??)

Better yuppie than hippie in my book. Or so I thought until I looked up the definition of each on Urbandictionary.com. In a nutshell, "yuppie "= Christian Bale's character from American Psycho and "hippie" = a Phish fan who loves acid -- and everything in general.

A life of love, peace, equality and simplicity. Doesn't sound so bad does it? The more I read about it online, the better it sounded, even to anal-ol' me. So in honor of the fun weekend and the adventurous Coloradan hippie lifestyle , I write this while listening to The Grateful Dead. If only the hippie lifestyle paid a yuppie paycheck....because I like being able to afford vacations to Colorado if I want.