Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Cool' Coincidences

Last week at this time, my biggest worry was whether or not my crazy-creamy spinach artichoke would win the "Dip-off" at my hubby's work. (Note: Didn't win because Matt forgot to enter us, despite my reminders every day to sign up).

Flash forward to this week and I just got home from a 32-hour round trip road trip to Texas for a funeral. Last week Matt's uncle died. So sad.  In the process of consoling, I realized two things: 1) I'm selfish (irrelevant for today's point, but perhaps a topicc for later) and 2) I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in life.

Example 1:  We got that new car last month. And now just had to go on a long @$$ car ride. So thankful we had it (and its OnStar & Sirius XM) so we could be comfy and safe.

Example 2: Calvin Coolidge was a clue in one of the crossword puzzles we did on the road. Let me back track and explain. Since before Matt and I had even said the "L" word to each other, we said we wanted a dog. And we wanted to name it Ted. Long story (I'll spare you), but it has to do with Theodore Roosevelt
::In an exciting side story, we are getting a dog this week! More to come on that later!)::  We filled some of our pre-crossword puzzle time discussing new dog names because since we're getting a female, didn't think Ted was appropriate. So we google "Ted" Roosevelt's wife's name--turns out he had two:  Alice and Edith -- no thanks. So I asked Matt, "who's another cool president?"  Because he thinks he's funny, he replied, "Calvin Coolidge." (Get it?)  While we didn't like either's wives' names (his was Grace), we did like reading their background stories. (We're lame and enjoy history stuff). Anyway, that convo soon became boring so at the next rest stop, we bought a book of crossword puzzles to pass somee time. Puzzle one, among the first clues, is "Pres. Coolidge's nickname."  "Cal!" we simultaneously exclaimed.  Such a coincidence. Or was it? :)

There are other examples, but the point is this:  maybe sometimes things DO happen for a reason. Both Matt & I are kind of people who often question if what we are doing is the right thing, on the right path. Well, perhaps Matt's uncle's passing is what it took to give us some perspective. Life is too short so maybe we (ok, I) don't have to worry so much. The universe taught us that lesson this weekend. Through all the funeral proceedings, the both of us gained not only a sense of comfort being surrounded by family but also the feeling that everything was going to be alright -- for them, and for us. At least that's what I'm chosing to take out of the situation. We're in the right places, doing the right things, at the right times. So for now, I'm keeping calm and carrying on. (Which I can still say since it's our last night dog-less!)

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