Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Peter Parker (ha ha, get it?)

Last Wednesday, I took my dog for a walk and came back with both a newfound sense of trust in him being off leash—and a new “friend.” Here’s what happened:  Approximately one minute into our walk, we see a guy walking his also young, crazy and cute dog, so the dogs stop to sniff each other.  Other dog owners can attest that usually when this happens, we are able to move on quickly, but this guy was different. He first asked, “is your dog friendly?”  I said, “yes.” [Silent pause].  Second thing out of his mouth, “Wow, that’s a nice ring.” Now, yes, it is. But what a weird thing to say. It means you were looking to see if I was married. It also means you were using your dog to pick up chicks at the park – how cliché. Despite knowing that I was in fact married, he went on to say that I was good-looking and asked if I had any sisters or single friends. He said his name was Peter, he was 32, and he just moved here a week ago to go to Law School, etc, etc. We let the dogs run around and play together while we walked behind and chatted for a bit. I told him about cool things on campus because I was an undergrad there and about places to visit in Omaha. He was really upfront in saying he knew he was coming off as weird, but he just didn’t know how to make friends here if he didn’t just blatantly try. So he gave me his phone number and said to text him if me, my husband or friends ever wanted to show him the ropes, take him Cornhusker tailgating, etc.
So, when I found out we needed a guy sub for volleyball this week, I thought of Peter. When I told Matt I might ask the guy I met at the park, I found out is apparently frowned upon in our establishment to get random guys’ phone numbers. But it’s not like that!! I’m trying to be nice and be helpful in him getting to know people.  I know a lot of people!! Is that so wrong?!
Anyway, Peter won’t be subbing at volleyball.

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