Monday, May 20, 2013

My work personality works at home

"Blair talks a lot and very quickly," so says my latest personality profile. Indeed. 
I technically took said profile during the hiring process in 2011 for my current job, but about a month ago recieved these results. The intent I believe was to make each of us on the team realize how to better work with each other. Though truly SPOT ON, I was at first discouraged by the results, thinking I might be too intense a person to be a good co-worker, employee or even friend or wife. But then, I shrugged it off. Am who I am - and knowledge is power, so now I feel empowered and even more confident. Now, while I do, as the profile states, tend to do things quickly, rushed and angrily, Matt is much more relaxed, one thing at a time, methodical kind of guy, so if nothing else, reading these together and having him provide counterpoints about how what I was seeing as a potential negative in these bullet points was actually just further proof of how awesomely we complement each other was pretty cool. I think in the future I can continue to use these results/newfound awareness to my advantage in "selling" my ideas better at home not just at work! :)  All this talk about it, I figure I better at least share some of the profile's results:

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