Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun with fate

"Serenity now" is one example of a phrase meant to elicit calrm and make you feel better. Over the years, I've had and still have many of these as inside jokes with friends. Recently, Matt brought one of his own home he thought would be fun for us to use in stressful times: "God will provide." A co-worker of his has decided to leave the company to begin one of his own and to address some of the concerns about taking such a leap, apparently that has been his response, "God will provide, right?" 

Well, Matt and I could not stop laughing yesterday when on our way home from grocery shopping at Target and a yard sign caught Matt’s eye that said “Moving sale – all must go – great deals” and  so he thought we needed to take a detour to go.  So strange because we've never been to a garage sale together and I'm not sure either of us has been to one individually either. Anyhow, we go for about 3 minutes, there’s nothing good – or at least, that we needed – except on way back to our car we found $40 simply lying on the ground so with no one remotely in site, Matt pocketed it.  Like God’s way of providing/saying “you don’t need this stuff – buy something better” lol

Here's hoping this continues. I could use some "providing," "serenity," whatever you want to call it these coming months.

[Another update with more details on that soon, deal?!]

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