Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Balance is the new black

Pre-motherhood I was like, “I have a demanding (but good) job and a rockin’ social life, but a calendar to keep all the business all straight.”  Post-baby Reid, I’m like, “HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA.” I now agree with the recent statements by some CEO I saw on the news (name escapes me and no time to look it up) that women can’t have it all, much to my personal dismay.
I’m drowning in laundry and can’t remember anything anymore that I don’t write down.  And I feel all alone in this. Because when I do take a personal moment to check my Facebook and Instagram news feeds, apparently I’m the only one who isn’t growing a garden, working out with a personal trainer and taking my kid to the zoo or fishing.
Obviously, I’m not alone this, I know that. So why do you/we pretend we’ve got it all together?? There just CANNOT be as many of you out there as social media and general office conversation would suggest.  I have to believe that. I have to.  If you’re reading this and you do in fact have and do it all, PLEASE tell me, how and where do you get the time?!  I like learning new things.
 In lieu of any responses, I would like to start a new hashtag, #MHM (messy house Monday). I figure it #MCM (man crush Monday, which I had to google several months back because I’m lame now) can be a thing, why can’t this?! It’s not Monday but you can see my living room nonetheless, complete with dog toys and hair, baby stuff, and general dirt haphazardly strewn about.  I caught the room on a pretty good day actually, but then again, dust doesn’t photograph well.

I’m usually all for fakin’ it til I make it but today something just changed in my head. I started thinking, really, what’s my (or my husband’s, for that matter) ROI on in fact dusting? On staying up 30 minutes late, sacrificing sleep to unload the dishwasher? My/our moods and health are worse off for it and just because I crossed that task off my list, it doesn’t help my mental state when there’s still 50 other “to dos” on it. The queen isn’t coming over for dinner tonight – or ever -  so I’m pretty sure the clutter sit there another day, week, or month.  It isn’t anything to be ashamed of, right?!  I realize it’s many times my own fault, for lack of a better word, for assuming judgment on others’ part of my mess, so I’m publicly saying that I’m going to try to let that go.
Of course, I can’t ignore the“must-do’s” but I’ve decided to put everything else off until ‘tomorrow’ and spend time with my family instead; I want Reid (and heck, Matt, tooJ) to have fun and to remember my smile and my laugh. (Because they’re guys, they’re  as heck not going to remember or notice the mess!)  And I don’t care if you think this is stupid, I want my dog to have a good quality of life and in turn, caring for them is caring for myself. I will be happier, too, if I just finally need to give myself and accept a break. 
Starting right after this…because #TMI, but I technically wrote this via voice to text note on my phone (hands free) while driving AND pumping (which is a WHOLE OTHER thing for another time).

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