Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ended the year with a quite literal bang

I'm taking an unplanned PTO day today because Reid seems to have a little cold. I am actually not feeling 100% myself, and the dog Riley woke up with an eye problem. I called the vet to ask what to do and they said to just "wait and see." That's not a game I'm good at, especially knowing that they'll be closed tomorrow for the holiday.  So I made the mistake of googling each of their symptoms and ended in an Internet rabbit hole with some very alarming diagnoses.  I discovered Riley could have conjunctivitis and go blind!! I also discovered that some people really, really love their dogs too much. top things off, this morning I got up extra early to go to work to get some things I could do during baby naps. When I was leaving (Keep in mind, it's like -300 degrees here) the door didn't seem to want to work fully, but I didn't notice when I was backing out that it had only gone up about 3/4 of the way so the top of my Equinox clipped the bottom of the garage door on the way out!! I panicked and put on the brakes of course, and of course remembered to out the car in drive before releasing it. Ok actually I didn't remember to do that last part, so I kinda backed into it again.  My car luck!!

So I had to go wake up Matt in the middle of the night. Ok it's not the middle of the night; most of you probably get up way earlier than either of us--it was about 6:15. Probably not his favorite way I've ever woken him up. I showed him what happened, we shoved some screws back in, hammered them mostly into place and voila. I'm not entirely sure in the fog of it all if I was supposed to call the garage company to come today or what. For now, it's temporarily fixed--except I'm too scared to leave the house just in case, so we're all stuck inside with all the germs. Oh well. Happy New Year!


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