Saturday, March 31, 2012

Part 2: NOT going to bed angry

I wrote the "part 1" post about how anything can happen at anytime. Ironically, that was not even 5 hours before the following happened:
I had another long day, leaving work late, and didn't feel like cooking the chicken I had defrosted. So I called Matt and after much discussion/deliberation, we'd finally agreed to hit up Joe's Crab Shack. What we didn't know was that it was "reservations only" that night because it didn't technically open until next week - back to square one. (UGH, why couldn't anything go as planned?!) We had driven separately and were both within walking distance of Cheesecake Factory so that's where we went. About 15 minutes into dinner, a dad at the table next to us grabbed his SCREAMING toddler (but old enough to know better) daughter to take her outside (thank god). Doing so set into effect an interesting set of events. First, the child monster's flailing arms sent a filled-to-the brim water glass flying into the air, giving Matt a little shower all over his face and half of his shirt, before the rest spilled on the floor. It was actually quite the scene. The family apologized profusely and because it was just water and Matt is so darn nice, he assuaged their guilt and just kept saying "it's okay, it's okay." We all moved on..somewhat awkwardly, because that restaurant packs in the tables like sardines; but nonetheless, our appetizer came and we refocused on our own conversation. That family left and then two older guys took their place, very obviously in town on business judging by their bluetooths and accents. My eavesdropping confirmed that fact.  For now, that's neither here nor there. We ate our main course and then the waitress twisted our arms into ordering dessert. After a fairly heated deliberation session to decide on a cheesecake flavor, we ordered what we wanted only to have the waitress come back and tell us they're out of it. Again, But, alas, my luck would soon turn around. We not-so-begrudging have a chocolate chip cookie dough slice brought out to us and the older of the two non-Omahans says, "WHOA, that looks great!" The waitress says, "It's their second choice," which the one guy heard as "piece" and turns to me and says "2 pieces - impressive- my kind of girl," simultaneously giving Matt a thumbs-up.  He takes our forced chuckles as an open invitation to conversation (his friend had to run off to take a phone call and apparently this guy can't stop talking for more 5 minutes). He was actually pretty interesting we scarfed down our cake, he relayed the story about how he met his wife. Nutshell version: they met on a cruise in the Caribbean when he was drunk and told her he had to stop flirting with her because he heard she was only 17 years old (he was 26). In fact, she pulls out her driver's license and was 27. They've now been married 28 years. His version was better, as it included specifics of that's night drinks and gambling and dancing. We made some more small talk, and then corny jokes, about how Matt & I had been married now 6 months and hoped to tell our story to some unsuspecting couple at a restaurant someday; he all but crushed those dreams, as we could tell he found our "we met at sand vball" less than impressive. Anyway, talking to him got me in a better mood, and THEN the waitress comes with the bill and awwkardly says, "why don't you look at?" so I do -- all ZEROS. She says the family who flooded our table area had paid for our whole check. SO NICE, right?!  Really made my day. I forgot about anything and everything I was even halfway upset about. Matt & I said goodbye to our new friend from NY and walked out of there holding hands. In the parking lot, I said, "I'm instutiting a new rule for us at home." Matt promptly unheld my hand-- fair enough. "Let's never go to bed mad at eachother." He said ok and then did one of his adorable halfsmiles indicative of the fact that he thinks what he's about to say is funny, and said, "what about if you're just made at me, am I allowed to fall asleep or no?"  I shurgged, drove home and then we laid on the couch together cathcing up on our shows on DVR, perfect little night after a not-so-perfect day.  Life moves fast, so just enjoying it as I can!

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