Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A psychic told me I was perfect

For real.  I went to a Psychic Andy party on Saturday. I went in expecting to “talk” with a few loved ones who had passed.  Instead, I came away with even more self-confidence—and some future event predictions that I have to wait to see if come true.
Within a minute of meeting me and after I only revealed my first name, the psychic (hereforth, “he”) was able to tell me that I was a list maker who needed to work on being more flexible, and that I was very intuitive and could be a psychic like, too. Considering I cry every time Rebecca Rosen is featured on The Big Party Morning Show and that I am a few chapters into her book Spirited to see if I ever could in fact ‘learn’ to be medium, he had me hook, line and sinker from there.
Anyway, he went on to also let me in on a few other secrets:
  • Not everyone likes me. Again, for real, he said that. Specifically, he said that females are threatened by me and that I’m a person people either love or hate.  Pretty true.
  • I am going to be offered the chance to relocate with my job (he didn’t know when nor if it would be with my current work though he sensed it was indeed a sales type job like I ended up telling him I was in).  He said it felt like the job offer was in New York or Florida but that he felt like I didn’t take it.  That sounds like me; I hate change.
  • I will have 2 baby boys.  He said if I or my husband wanted girls (which I don’t), that would come with our third child. Time will tell.
We talked about lots of other things in our session time together.  I really thought it was uncanny how much he nailed my personality. Some revelations were indeed general but most things were pretty specific, and I think Psychic Andy is about as “real deal” as a psychic can be, whatever that means to you. 
Most people I told about this reading didn’t really buy in, thinking it was not only out-of-character, but bogus, for me to be so into something so “other-worldly” but in my book, it was $22 well spent.
Especially because he did in fact tell me that I was perfect, just needed to work on rolling with the punches more.  I'm trying -- like today, it's 2:30 and my dinner plans are in limbo. That's progress, people.

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