Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolve to be nicer than this guy this year

It has been since the Peter Parker encounter that I got a guy’s phone number.  But it happened again on New Year’s Eve.  And this time my husband was there for the whole thing.
That night, I didn’t feel well and ended up missing midnight but I took enough Zicam to get me by for at least a meal out at one of our favorite local semi-dive bars.
Soup, salad, and a few “surprise me” drinks from the bartender later, we were having a pretty good time. It only got better when a guy whom I’d noticed earlier as looking at our table an awful lot came up to us and asked if we were married. We said yes and he explained his disappointment because he was meeting a blind date (who does that on NYE?!) and told her he was wearing a blue polo shirt, which is what Matt happened to be wearing, so he was just curious if I was supposed to actually be talking to him. Ha ha.  Then he tells me I look familiar – and I thought the same too – and we discover it was at the formerly-named Qwest Center where we probably ran into each other when each of us was working a past job/event there.  During the “no, that’s not it, have you ever been to…” hulabaloo, in walks this guy’s ex-fiance! I mean, what are the odds?!  Apparently she put on a lot of weight according to him.
Anyway, back to his blind date.  I asked for the scoop and he told us he was so excited that he had a gay guy at The Buckle dress him.  He said he  she had a great personality, which he discovered when he had phone and text conversations with this girl. He'd only seen one picture  of her on social media. I asked him describe her and he said, “she’s not a perfect Barbie doll type but she isn’t an untouchable either” – charmer, this guy.  We small-talked for awhile longer about his potential midnight kiss and what he does now for a living, etc.  At one point I even invited him and the not-yet-there other stranger he was meeting to join us at our table for a drink (now who does that either?!)  Through the course of conversation, we learned that one of his side jobs is lawn care and we talked about him reseeding our backyard or something, which is when he gave me his number to call anytime. It wasn’t until the guy walked away a few minutes later that Matt said, “hey – how come he gave YOU his number, not me?”    
Finally, a girl arrives by herself. At this place, it’s really obvious when someone walks in so I think we all knew it was her.  And we all (me, Matt and our new friend Ryan) simultaneously gasped because let's just say she wasn’t exactly what any of us were expecting. Now, this is where our inside information ended and we didn't talk to him the rest of the night, but from what I observed, their date lasted one drink’s worth until he didn’t pay for hers and told her he didn’t like her and wanted her to leave – because that she did, without saying goodbye to him.
Cheers to not being single! And to a fun-filled 2013!

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